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Fuquay Coworking, by Empowered Ideas, is a creative coworking space designed for local entrepreneurs — by entrepreneurs.Our mission is to foster creative entrepreneurial development through a creative environment, resources, and access to business services successful entrepreneurs need.We bring the resources and knowledge of enterprise business to local small business owners, in a safe and pressure-free environment, and without the need to invest in expensive office space and equipment.
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WAKE-LINK + Fuquay Coworking | Investing In Tomorrow’s Future…

WAKE-LINK Partner: Fuquay Coworking. WiFi Workspace for Wake County Public School Students (WCPSS)

WAKE-LINK Partner: Fuquay Coworking. WiFi Workspace for Wake County Public School Students (WCPSS)

Fuquay Coworking is a proud WAKE-LINK Partner, a service and initiative by the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS), designed to provide FREE access to Safe Work-spaces, Internet, and Technology for Wake County Public School Students.

WAKE-LINK, an initiative that aligns with the WCPSS Vision 2020 Strategic plan, exists to help students find a place to work and/or to access free WiFi outside of regular school hours.


In addition to the basic internet and work-space requirements of the WAKE-LINK initiative, Fuquay Coworking has committed resources to maintaining a Computer Lab available for participating WCPSS Students utilizing the WAKE-LINK Program.

Benefits to Participating Wake County Public School Students
  • Complimentary Access to Creative Work-Spaces
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Computer Lab Access
  • Includes Access to the Outdoor Coworking Area
  • Game Room & Casual Meeting Lounge


Responsibilities of WAKE-LINK Partners

As a WAKE-LINK partner, Fuquay Coworking is committing to providing free work-space and WiFi Internet access that can be used by students to pursue learning goals.

Why Are We a WAKE-LINK Partner?

By partnering with WCPSS in this capacity, Fuquay Coworking is demonstrating our commitment to helping students, particularly those who may not have internet access in their homes, stay connected for continued learning opportunities outside of traditional school hours.

How is WAKE-LINK Related to the WCPSS "Bring Your Own Device" Initiative?

WAKE-LINK compliments the BYOD Initiative in that both attempt to provide increased opportunities for students to learn while utilizing appropriate digital resources. Fuquay Coworking is enhancing this initiative by also providing access to additional learning technologies available at the creative space.

How Are Students Expected to Behave When Taking Advantage of a WAKE-LINK Partnership?

WCPSS Students are expected to adhere to the WCPSS Student Code of Conduct, as well as all appropriate “common sense” considerations when working in a business environment. Fuquay Coworking is a creative coworking space which supports 40+ members and businesses. Students will have the potential to meet and learn from local business and community leaders.


Student Code of Conduct

*WCPSS teachers and staff have been asked to review the following expectations with students:

  1. Students using the space of a WAKE-LINK Partner are expected to comport themselves in a way that is respectful to other customers and students.
  2. Students are expected to use the space to work, alone or in small groups, on pursuing learning goals. WAKE-LINK Partnership sites are NOT to be used for purely social endeavors.
  3. Students are not required to purchase any goods or services while working in a partner’s space but are welcome to do so at their discretion.
  4. Students will be asked to leave if a partner feels they are acting inappropriately and interfering with others using the space.
  5. Students should not expect to receive any technical support from partners beyond the information necessary to connect to the WiFi network.
  6. Wherever possible, students should sit with other students in order to leave a maximum amount of space for customers (coworking members).
Are There Internet Filtering or Parental Blocks via the WiFi Network?

Fuquay Coworking supports 40+ members and businesses, and due to the wide-range of technology requirements of our various members, we (like many businesses) do not provide the same filtered internet access that WCPSS provides, therefore access to inappropriate sites may be possible.


Parents/guardians, please talk with your student about their responsible use of technology and internet access.

Are There Specific Times When Students Can Work at Fuquay Coworking via the WAKE-LINK Initiative?

Fuquay Coworking is committed to providing access to WAKE-LINK (WCPSS) Students between the hours of 9am and 6pm, Monday through Friday (excluding Federal & State Holidays).


Furthermore, Fuquay Coworking also coordinates and hosts an optional Young Creators Program (YCP) designed to support our next generation of entrepreneurs and creators. There is also a Fix-It Lab” Initiative with a series of events and workshops designed to introduce community members (of all ages) to various maintenance, engineering, and repair skills that can save individuals time and money.