News & Observer Feature: Latest Co-Working Spaces Cater to Specific Needs - Fuquay Coworking by Empowered Ideas
Fuquay Coworking, by Empowered Ideas, is a creative coworking space designed for local entrepreneurs — by entrepreneurs.Our mission is to foster creative entrepreneurial development through a creative environment, resources, and access to business services successful entrepreneurs need.We bring the resources and knowledge of enterprise business to local small business owners, in a safe and pressure-free environment, and without the need to invest in expensive office space and equipment.
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News & Observer Feature: Latest Co-Working Spaces Cater to Specific Needs

News & Observer Feature: Latest Co-Working Spaces Cater to Specific Needs

Excerpt from the News & Observer: Latest Co-Working Spaces Cater to Specific Needs by Chris Cioffi

Co-working spaces have been around for years in the Triangle, offering telecommuters and entrepreneurs who pay a monthly fee a place to log on to the internet, use fax and copy machines, work in a quiet place and share ideas with others. Now a new kind of co-working space is popping up – one that caters to specific personalities and businesses, such as manufacturing, creative ventures and technology…

At Fuquay Coworking, Virginia Johnson and James Wong wanted to create an atmosphere of a tech startup.

“We wanted to have that co-working space feel and environment, but also that fun corporate culture,” Wong said.

About 50 telecommuters and entrepreneurs, with careers ranging from sales to video game development, use the space. Fuquay Coworking members have access to a video game room and foam dart guns when they want a break from work.

“We have six video game developers – most of them work for one company – and some of them are doing their own startups on the side,” Johnson said.

The 2,500-square-foot multilevel space has already gone through two expansions since it opened in December 2014, and a third is planned for this fall.

Johnson and Wong, who operate a marketing company from the space, said working in Fuquay-Varina allows them and their members to work closer to home.

Johnson said she used to commute to Raleigh, a trip that took a lot of time. Now she can visit her son in elementary school near Fuquay Coworking.

“(Before) I could never go have lunch with him at school or go see a play,” Johnson said.


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